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Silver Dollar City Inside Tips Interesting Facts About Silver Dollar City Silver Dollar City is an 1880’s theme park composed of 100 acres, many rides, restaurants and shops. It is built around the Marvel Cave site, one of the oldest and most popular attractions in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. There is some evidence that the Spanish might have explored the cave as early as 1541. In the sixteenth century, the Osage Indians came to believe that the cave was inhabited by evil spirits after one of their members fell through a sinkhole in the cave. Originally the cave was called Marble Cave by Henry T. Blow who discovered it in 1869 because he believed it contained marble. Much later, it was learned that the marble was actually limestone. The cave was later renamed Marvel Cave when the William Henry Lynch family purchased it and turned it into a sightseeing operation in 1894. In the late 1800’s bat guano, or manure, was mined from the cave and used as gunpowder. In an effort to make the site into an attraction, silver dollar coins were given to visitors as a promotional stunt. The idea took off and drew over 125,000 people in its first year, naming it Silver Dollar City. Five episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies was filmed here on location. In 1999, the park hosted the 14th Annual Stihl Timbersports Series Championships, a logging competition featuring some of the world’s best lumberjacks. On July 5, 2007, the park was featured in an episode of As The World Turns soap opera.
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