The Branson Strip – Highway 76

Branson, Missouri is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the United States. Because the city is the live entertainment capital of the world, there are so many fun and exciting things to do there. Most of these popular sights and attractions are found on the famous Branson Strip, which is also known as Highway 76. The Strip is considered to be the main thoroughfare in Branson and is lined with luxury hotels, theaters, well-known wineries, theme parks, museums, and many family-oriented attractions. There are also a lot of really good restaurants located along the Strip. In addition to being home to excellent dining options, Highway 76 is also home to really good shopping destinations. There are many stores on the Strip that sell a variety of products. These stores are excellent places for visitors to the area to buy souvenirs. Some of the more popular sights along the Branson Strip are Branson’s Dinosaur Museum, the Antique Toy Museum, and the Branson Auto Museum. These attractions are visited regularly by tourists. A lot of parents even take their children to the Branson Strip because it is very family-oriented. The Branson Strip has not always been as exciting of a place as it is today. It used to be referred to solely as Highway 76. That was back in the days before the street was lined with theaters that were home to live entertainment shows. The first group to open a permanent show on the Strip was the Presleys.
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    Next best thing to the Las Vegas strip.

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